Experts in effective

collaboration between

startups & corporations



U-Skale is the partner for your growth

We help startups & corporations to scale and achieve their objectives

+50 accumulated years of C-Level corporate & startup experience propelling your company into a sustainable future

We offer you our hands and brains so that you can

achieve your goals


Our network, knowledge and methodology will help you

innovate and grow

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We are not Consultants!
We don´t just advise, we get involved

We are willing to share risks and rewards and therefore we carefully chose our collaboration projects

We offer a formula that makes our premium service suitable and affordable for our selected partners

We create synergies and value between the different ecosystem partners (start-ups, corporations, SMEs, investors, etc.)




Do you want to draft a winning strategy for your company?

Would you like to have support from C-level executives with a lot of experience and a huge network?

Would you like to increase your business network and propel your commercial opportunities, scalability and return on investment? 

Are you currently absorbed by a lot of projects and are you having difficulties with setting priorities and with executing the crucial ones for your growth?

Do you want to explore and build up new income streams, open new markets and territories?

Do you want to do a collaboration with a corporation and assure that it becomes a success story? 

Do you need additional resources to execute the crucial projects for your growth?

Do you need additional funding for your company?



Do you want to launch a successful  innovation project or program in your company? 

Do you want to collaborate with start ups and assure that the collaboration becomes a success story?

Do you need additional resources to execute the crucial projects for your innovation & growth strategy?

Do want to apply structured frameworks,  processes and prioritization for your key innovation initiatives balancing required investment and realizable benefit?

Do you want to apply leading processes and technologies to improve the performance and potential of your team, to drive engagement and innovation and to take your employees and your business to the next level?

Do you want to know which ideas are worth pursuing, what experiment to run next and how to spend money wisely while searching for new business models?



Start ups




Emilio Risques

Emilio Risques

Jose Ramón Flor

Jose Ramón Flor

Daniel Dümig

Daniel Dümig

“We believe in the power of a strong ecosystem and a global network of partners and friends. Through the application of our collaborative innovation methodology we help companies to develop disruptive products and services that improve the world and impact the well-being of our society”.


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